Sunday, March 3, 2013

Phra Non Cave: Chiang Dao, Thailand

During our time at Shambhala, we had ample opportunities to get out and explore the surrounding area.  Remember that massive mountain looming over the festival?  It houses a multitude of caves that we were eager to see.  One sunny afternoon, a group of us decided to make the journey to the Phra Non Cave.

After taking a look around the grounds and the catfish-laden pond, we headed in.  Luckily, the cave was well lit and beautifully decorated.  It appeared to be people friendly...

Danger!  Our group decided to go into the forbidden zone with the help of a lovely guild and her oil lamp!

This less-trodden path lead us through cave after cave, through small tunnels and crawl spaces, past spiders and into the darkness.

Back in the well-lit caves, there was still more to see!

After an epic journey through the damp, claustrophobic caves filled with bats and scary shadow-monsters, Gavin and I decided it would be our last cave exploration!  We shall leave the caving to the expert spelunkers.

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