Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Don't Feed the Monkey: A Showcase of Independent Music in Saigon

***Đng Nuôi Con Kh***

Live music from 5pm to Late Night!

The biggest live original music event of the summer!


The Love Below



James and the Van Der Beeks



Saigon Kiss 

Freckled Gypsys 


Demon Slayer 


w/ visuals by LAV syndicate 
Live Audio Visual

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Take a Gander, Little Goose

She is our tiny wall-watcher, ceiling-gazer, shadow-spotter; a true connoisseur of contrast. 

Any crevice, bulge, pattern, or topography giving off glints of light is scrutinized and scoured.  

Lucy is a student of optical non-uniformity and we salute her efforts to uncover the vast mysteries of these otherwise prosaic surfaces.  

Gander on little goose. 

Saturday, June 21, 2014

A Day in the Life of Lucy: 10 Weeks Young

A detailed record of a day in the life of Little Lucy?  While I write about every day with the Goose over on The Mouselet and Me, I don't really go into much detail.  Hopefully I can capture how a typical day with our girl goes, minutiae and all. 

We woke up for quick nightfeeds at 1am and 4:30am, so when 7:30 rolled around, Lucy was ready to get up for a real meal.  This girl likes to eat; insatiable and adorable.  30 minutes later she was ready to play!  We did our morning 'work out' and some tummy time.  She was looking extra cute in her oversized sleep suit (her fourth of the night after three previous spit-up and peepee soilings).

Dad woke up at 9 and took over Lucy duty so I could make some breakfast.  In the past week, she has discovered her hands and has been putting them in her mouth.  This morning was the first time she actually brought a toy up into her mouth and I managed to catch it on camera.  Uncle Rabbit (Bác Thỏ) and our girl have been down since the early days so it was good to witness a milestone reached with the assistance of that ole curmudgeon.  

By 9:15 Lucy was looking tired, so I put her down for a nap.  A short feed before her nap really knocked her out.  Amazingly, she went down for a solid couple hours. Way to go Lucy!

At 11:30 she was up and ready to face the day!  The peeper suit came off, diapers were changed and after a good meal, she played with Dad while I got ready for the day and ordered lunch.

By the time 1:00 rolled around, Lucy was ready for another nap.  I rocked her to sleep for this one in the sling before putting her down and quickly eating lunch.  She woke up at 1:20 and I was able to rock her back to sleep and took a rest on the sofa with her so she would sleep better.  Turned out hat we both needed a little shut eye!  Lucy woke up at 2:00 ready for her next meal.

After a quick feed, I got Lucy dressed, my bag packed and Lucy in a sling to head off to Gymboree for our weekly class.  I am so happy that Lucy finally likes the slings I made.  They are really comfortable for us and excellent for feeding discreetly on the go.  Lucy was not satisfied with our short feed (she prefers to take her time with meals, stretching them out to at least an hour) and continued to drink milk on the cab ride down to Gymboree.

By the end of our afternoon class, Lucy was exhausted.  Tears arose, food was demanded, and once her needs were met she promptly passed out.  I did a bit of grocery shopping before heading home.

Back in the abode, the little one was still 
 chasing dreams.  Cat napping and slowly taking down "dinner from 5 to 6:30, and took a power nap until about 7:15.

When she finally came around, we headed to the bedroom for our night time routine - bath time, some mirror time, massage, clean diapers, peeper suit on, and a short feed.  Lucy was out and in bed by 8:30. Phew!  What a day!  Can't wait to do it all over again tomorrow!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

A Bluebath Morning with the Laughingthrushes

I cherish these mornings.  Soft, warm hues and vague smiles.  The city sluggish; decidedly uninvolved with the affairs of its inhabitants.  The odd honk or squeal from the street below struggles to lift itself through the languid layer of haze stubborn in its daily scrap with the sun.

The true nature of man shines through best in repose.  Unhindered by the concerns sprawled along the periphery, it is the first light that brings into focus all that is near and all that is truly worthwhile.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Will Whitehouse is a Distinctly Talented Artist and Singular Presence in the Contemporary Art Scene...

... and he lives right here in Saigon.... and now thanks to the web design expertise of Nellie, you can personally enjoy his paradigm-shifting artwork at:

You can also visit his page on the VinGallery website HERE

Saturday, May 3, 2014

What we've been listening to | in the spring of 2014

The War on Drugs | Lost in the Dream 

(Secretly Canadian; 2014)


The Notwist | Close to the Glass

(Sub Pop; 2014)


Damien Jurado | Brothers and Sisters of the Eternal Son

(Secretly Canadian; 2014)


Real Estate | Atlas

(Domino; 2014)


The Clean | Modern Rock

(Flying Nun; 1994)


Angel Olsen | Burn Your Fire For No Witness

(Jagjaguwar; 2014)


Gene Clark | No Other

(Asylum; 1974)


Beck | Morning Phase

(Capitol; 2014)


Josh Ritter | Hello Starling

(V2; 2003)


Future Islands | Singles

(4AD; 2014)


Sun Kil Moon & The Album Leaf | Perils from the Sea

(Caldo Verde; 2013)


Bryce Dessner / Jonny Greenwood | St. Carolyn by the Sea / Suite from "There Will Be Blood"

(Deutsche Grammophon; 2014)


Inside Lleywn Davis | Original Soundtrack Recording

(Nonesuch; 2013)


Gene Clark | White Light

(A&M; 1971)


Hiss Golden Messenger | Bad Debt 

(Paradise of Bachelors; 2014 (reissue))