Thursday, May 7, 2009


I apologize to our parents and close relatives as we've been neglecting our limited, yet well-loved core readership by failing to post at least once in a while. I think Nell forgot we had a blog and I am slipping into the same languid river. Anyways I got ten minutes to update, here it goes...
The spring has been cold and we are still only into that temperate zone where the sun is warm but the shade uncomfortable. I've been told I shouldn't dwell on the fair weather as the summer here is supposedly brutal.
Food is good here. I advise anyone to come and try it.
Consistent; albeit, at times, 4 hours in front of a class you have to jointly entertain and teach can be an uphill battle. Nellie has moved out of her previously typecasted role as the "beginners" teacher and seems happy with a couple intermediate classes. I, on the other hand, remain happily drifting in the seas of the middle. To put it basely - if the students don't know a lot or know too much I am not their teacher. Someone else is.
Cool - we go to bars and drink beer.
I bought Nellie a 1000 piece puzzle. She is very happy. It actually only has 999 pieces according to a note on the inside of the box. We feel cheated.