Saturday, March 16, 2013

Vol de Nuit | Night Flight 2013: Scenes from the Opening Party @ Saigon Outcast

The auspicious debut of the monsoon season coincided with the opening night of the festival and brought an afternoon downpour that cooled things off considerably after a blistering day.  As night fell, people gathered and got down to work and play...

Stencils workshop by Liar Ben and un escargot vide?

Graffiti party by The Saigon Projects.

Video installation by Tran Minh Duc.

The earthen oven project by Steve Wigg and team.  Hand-constructed and functional in just a few weeks.

Three diverse and captivating sets of original electronic music by:

Foniks (US)

Ametsub (JP)

... and local beat-wizard Jase Nguyen.

Night Flight 2013: Opening Party @ Saigon Outcast, March 15, 2013

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