Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Vol de Nuit | Night Flight 2013: Opening Party @ Saigon Outcast

✈ Opening party – graffiti party by The Saigon Projects; start of stencils workshop by Liar Ben (VN) and un escargot vide ? (FR); video installation by Tran Minh Duc (VN); electronic music and live video performances by Ametsub (JP), Foniks (US), Jase Nguyen (VN) and Crazy Monkey (VN).

Vol de Nuit (Night Flight) opens at Saigon Outcast!
188/1 Nguyen Van Huong, Thao Dien, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Time: 4pm - 11pm / March 15th - 2013
Free Entrance

live electronic music + live video: (8pm - 11pm)
Ametsub (JP)
Jase Nguyen (VN)
Foniks (US)
Crazy Monkey (VN)

graffiti party: (4pm - 7pm)
The Saigon Projects (VN)

stencil workshop: (4pm - 7pm)
Liar Ben (VN)
un escargot vide ? (FR)

video projections: (4pm - 7pm)

Tran Minh Duc (VN)

Vol de Nuit (Night Flight) is an international art platform which posits collaborations with Vietnamese and international artists. Taking the shape of a festival, the platform will run from March 15 to April 4 with a variety of activities--art workshops, audio-visual performances, parties, intimate gatherings, and an exhibition at the HCMC Fine Arts Museum.

The first day of Vol de Nuit at Saigon Outcast features a bazaar of cultural collisions and exciting trajectories in collaborative art production.

Vol de Nuit—a platform with a French name, organized in Vietnam, with the participation of Vietnamese and international artists. Such a robust mix might perplex our audience, but that is part of what we intend to convey: the idea of a new world as one borderless living space, with all the subsequent shifts and transformations and their irreversible impact on local/original cultures. We intend to convey the innate desire to seek commonality and harmony, but at the same time acknowledge the underlying danger, uncertainty, and anxiety, mixed with anticipation and eagerness, that accompanies new destinations, new horizons, and new mysteries—much like flying in the dark.

Day 1 of Vol de Nuit is co-organised by Saigon Outcast.

Supported by Blue Circle, San Miguel, Japan Foundation, The Goethe Institut, US Consulate HCMC and The Beats Saigon

Vol de Nuit is a platform by iLL, Tran Minh Duc, Nguyen Kim To Lan.

Links to artists:

Ametsub (JP) - electronics and live visuals

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