Monday, March 18, 2013

Films About Music: Searching for Sugarman

A gifted Mexican-American singer-songwriter in Detroit puts out a couple of unfortunately overlooked records in the early 1970's that mysteriously achieve cult-hero status in apartheid-era South Africa while the artist himself fades back to obscurity.  This is the incredible saga of Sixto Rodriquez.  Solid cinematography, a riveting and moving story, and a superb soundtrack make this an unmissable documentary.

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Carol said...

I just heard this story on NPR a week or two ago while listening to another woman's tale of fading into obscurity and then resurfacing herself to an appreciative audience. Apparently at 70 years old he arrived in South Africa to 100,000 fans while in Detroit he had labored for 40 years unknown! Amazing story. Never too late.... Now I need to go listen to some of the music.