Saturday, June 13, 2009


They came, they saw, they conquered.
La Familia Pilisi left an indelible impression on this land and the whirlwind ten days was nothing short of a killer time. We thank them for being the first brave souls to head east. 

During their visit we headed down to the central Aegean coast of Turkey.  We meandered through the ruins of ancient civilizations, encountered cat orgies in quaint mountain villages, chilled at the beach with giant porcine beasts, and embraced the locavore movement by mowing down on the best local foods these Turks can offer.  Our battle scars were relegated to charred skin from the beaming sunshine and my Dad and I managed to avoid any monumental rows.

As for life post-Mel and Lou, we are working sparse hours and going to lovely Black Sea beaches as much as possible. Three of our good buddies are leaving soon so the upcoming weeks will be full of good ole' party-time-USA. Till' next time...