Saturday, March 9, 2013

Vol de Nuit | Night Flight 2013

Vol de Nuit | Night Flight | Bay đêm | 夜間飛行 | Nachtflug Vuelo Nocturno

15 March – 4 April 2013 | Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
 ||Vol de Nuit (Night Flight)|| is an art platform in collaboration with Vietnamese and international artists.
This platform posits interactions and connections across cultures, using artistic self-exploration as a vehicle to push onwards into new and uncharted territories, both real and imaginary. It is an attempt to cultivate a fellowship of artists emerging from different backgrounds, different interests, and different creative approaches.

The manifestation of passion and ideas expressed in collaborative and collective works will bring new dimensions to the ongoing quest to negotiate different origins, cultures, and histories—intertwined with varied memories of contact and conflict between nations + civilizations—as we navigate the precarious fluxus of both modern and future existence.

Vol de Nuit takes its name from French writer Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s prize-winning novel of the same name, first published in 1931. However, the platform does not take the context and characters of the novel as inspiration, but more broadly, the desire to foment and engage metaphorical flights of exploration and discovery in the context of investigating and amalgamating distinct cultures alongside local and peripheral relations -  fostering both human and artistic interactions by eliminating the physical and cultural boundaries that separate us all.

Vol de Nuit brings together artists with their own unique methods, techniques, and media focuses onto the same platform. It highlights the entire process from creation to exhibition, with workshops and collaborative experiments that will attempt to convey an openness and intimacy between the artists and the larger cultural community. The platform includes objects, sound installations, light installations, real-time video creation and manipulation, as well as several musical performances. The interdisciplinary yet intimate nature of the platform seeks to deepen shared understanding by unraveling the mysteries and varied experiences that constitute artistic creation.

Vol de Nuit—a platform with a French name, organized in Vietnam, with the participation of Vietnamese and international artists. Such a robust mix might perplex our audience, but that is part of what we intend to convey: the idea of a new world as one borderless living space, with all the subsequent shifts and transformations and their irreversible impact on local/original cultures. We intend to convey the innate desire to seek commonality and harmony, but at the same time acknowledge the underlying danger, uncertainty, and anxiety, mixed with anticipation and eagerness, that accompanies new destinations, new horizons, and new mysteries—much like flying in the dark.

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