Monday, February 25, 2013

Shambhala in Your Heart Music Festival: Chiang Dao, Thailand

Under this looming majestic mountain lies the Chiang Dao Youth Camp, which for 2 weeks each year at the start of February houses Shambhala in Your Heart.  Shambhala began as a small gathering of conscious Japanese and Thai people and has grown into a small-scale international music and art festival.

We made this quaint riverside tent our home for a few days as we enjoyed the serenity of Northern Thailand.  Highlights included cute baby love, our friends from Saigon jamming the first two nights, and getting some much needed relaxation and good vegetarian food.

We managed to get out and about, to the small Karen village located just a minute down the road from the festival, to the hot springs near by, and to some caves - an adventure I'll share later.

There isn't much about Shambhala in Your Heart out there, but if you would like more information about it, check out their Facebook page:

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