Sunday, March 17, 2013

Vol de Nuit | Night Flight 2013: Scenes from the Experimental Music Showcase @ I'm Yours

The second night of Vol de Nuit | Night Flight showcased a challenging and thought-provoking array of experimental music to the packed crowd at I'm Yours, a smoky gem of a venue located deep in the labyrinthine alleys of Phu Nhuan.

Local noisenik Nguyen Hong Giang's electronic project Writher took twists and turns, transitioning from anti-melodic noiseholes to ambient ponds of sonic relief to defiantly bass-heavy ravecore in the span of mere minutes.  

Singapore's One Man Nation provided an unforgettable show for all of those in attendance.  A frenetic, layered soundtrack of live electronic despondency sandwiched between cathartic explosions of vocal energy.  The jaws of many were left unhinged by this atavistic, technically proficient, and extremely unsettling performance - bravo Tara, bravo.

Noted Japanese electronic composer Koji Asano focused on lush soundscapes layered with threatening waves of dissonance and unease. A relatively tranquil musical journey compared to the earlier offerings.

Vol de Nuit | Night Flight 

Experimental Music Night @ I'm Yours - March 16, 2013

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