Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Concert for Baylin Coddington: Scenes from a Memorable Day

Sunday, March 24, 2013 witnessed a feat of ingenuity and global collaboration as friends and family threw two parties occurring simultaneously across the great blue Pacific Ocean.  That's two memorial parties, one in South Lake Tahoe, California and one in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam for one very special person - Baylin Coddington. 

An ebullient character brimming with life and love, Baylin went missing in late December in upstate New York and has yet to be found.  Wherever he may be, he certainly left a huge imprint on the music community in Saigon. 

12+ hours, eleven bands, and countless gallons of paint later...

One half of the Hot Tzigani Project crooned French classics to the early bird arrivals.

Joy Oi! started with an acapella moment and then dived straight into some synth-infused garagerock.

The fans go wild!


Steve + Steve

Body painting.

Cosmic dub rangers: Echo Monkeys.

A beautiful sunset set of songs by David "Applesauce" Tran.

Punishing drone metal from Moeth.

The Freckled Gypsies shone brightly even as the darkness settled in.

Banana Project got us all dancing again with uptempo jam-slams.

...and to top off the outside festivities - a local marching band and circus act wowed spectators with dangerous feats and otherworldly spectacles.

Weary from the day's revelry, we migrated inside for some impromptu crooning by William Whitehouse...

... and the UGWAE superjam (unpictured).

Look at all the love we found...

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