Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Koh Kong Island and Peam Krasaop Mangrove Swamp, Cambodia

In the Gulf of Thailand, a bumpy boat ride from the sleepy bordertown of Krong Koh Kong, lies a beautiful island ringed by forest and white-sand beaches.

Just six months ago, there was no accommodation, but change is in the thick air and there is a small resort set up on one of the far beaches. (Avoid the day-trip scams at the guesthouses and book your ticket with Koh Kong Bay Hotel - just 200 m south of the K.K. Bridge in town -

On the ride out, explore the  Peam Krasaop Mangrove Forest. Robust and healthy mangroves - entire forests growing on spits of alluvial sand, their branches rising out of the sea and housing an entire ecosystem within.

Life in the swamps...

A viewing station.

Welcome to Southern Cambodia!

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