Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Watch This Film: In The Year Of The Pig (1968)

Emile de Antonio's In the Year of the Pig was restored ten years ago and is essential viewing.  The inexorable build up of war in post-colonial Vietnam is the subject.  Watch it below:


Thanks to Robert Tran for the film tip.


Jeff Gibbs said...

So is this what you are doing when not trying to split Turkey by leaving comments on my blog? This film is a must see for sure--you read Fire in The Lake since you're there? Danang has changed a lot since I was there, clearly. You ought to go to the My Lai Museum up that way if you are feeling too happy about something and need your guilt fix. AND MY GOD, I want to eat that food in your photos. There's drool on the screen.

Jeff Gibbs said...

BTW, when I saw I had a comment, I thought it might be my very first threat from a genuine crazy nationalist (I don't get comments and I was threatened briefly on Twitter for my foreign conspirasizing this morning) but it wasn't a fascist, just you!