Monday, April 2, 2012

This Weekend: Luxury Edition

Our weekend started early, as in really early.  A 3:45 am wake up call on Friday, to get ready for a work-sponsored trip.  We headed up to Da Nang in Central Vietnam for an adventure-packed two day stay at Vinpearl Luxury Da Nang, an opulent resort located on the South China Sea.

We stayed in an astoundingly luxurious room complete with a massive bathtub, matching sinks, the newest in "eco-inspired" bidet toilets (no need for paper here!), a shower big enough for a circus troop,and quick-sand beds that not only facilitated deep sleep, they encouraged it.

Being devoutly utilitarian, we took full advantage of everything!

To be a Russian oligarch...

We hit Non Nuoc Beach and rode waves all afternoon courtesy of the brewing typhoon off the coast.

We attended the slightly awkward gala dinner.

Buffet, buffet, buffet...

Green beans, bok choy, cous-cous, olives, sea bass, and pasta

We ate and ate and ate.  We managed to gorge on three hotel buffet meals (photographed) and three scrumptious meals at restaurants in Da Nang and Hoi An (unpictured). Breakfast proved to be the highlight.

Egg-fried rice, vegetarian curry, potato wedges smothered in dill sauce, and sushi

Sashimi and seaweed, salami, crispy fish, fried rice, braised pork belly, and a array of cheese

Salad Bar
Chocolate crepe, fruit dipped in chocolate fondue, and a mini raspberry-and-peach tort.
Scrambled eggs with cheese, various breads, danish, tater-tots, baked beans and watermelon
A strange conflation of East/West
We enjoyed the pool...

And hanging out with pals...

We all got cool hats.

And made a return to Hoi An!  Since we had just been there two weeks before, we knew just where we wanted to go... To Casa Verde @  99 Bach Dang for homemade gelato!

We enjoyed some shopping and aimless wandering.

We even got to see a few of our favorite hounds and animal friends again!

What a trip! Thanks work!

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Carol said...

The resort is beautiful, what a nice treat from work! And to get to go back to Hoi An.....even better.