Wednesday, April 25, 2012

This (Long) Weekend

Despite this past week being full of ups and downs, lots of tears and pensive chats with family back home, we tried our best to get out there and have a bit of fun on my four-day weekend.  It began with dinner and drinks at our beloved 24G.

A stop by the Russian Bar's "Forever Russia" closing party on Friday night.  Another great space in Saigon meets its end and a collective groan leaks into the heavens. 

We ate vegetarian pho at Pho Chay Nhu @ 54 Truong Quyen St, District 3, and went to acupuncture to settle our thoughts.

We stopped by my favorite cluttered western market, Thai Hoa, for supplies including oatmeal, almonds, and raisins. 

A walk to our neighborhood bookstore to find a birthday present for a student.  I thought this page was fitting for my somber mood.

Two hours were spent at the birthday bash of young Gia Huy, a student of mine.  From the scope and grandeur of the party, you would have thought it was his sweet 16th.

A Sunday night gig at Yoko.  Vietnamese indie rock mainstays CoCC and the exuberant noise-pop yelps of Giao Chi Band (unpictured). 

Towards the tail-end of my weekend, a massive going away party at the ICP Stronghold for two very special people.  I'll miss you so much Yulia and Baylin.

As for the darkness of my mood, throughout the past week, I dealt with the passing of my lovely grandmother, Helen Sharpley.  I found solace in the continuation of my normal life, but I have thought of you non-stop for the past week and will continue to do so.  You will forever be in my heart.  I love you and miss you Grandma.


Isis said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your Grandma !!
Hope you feel better ..... Sometimes it's worth appreciating that she lived to see you married and happy and a beautiful woman ...

c said...

I miss her too.