Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hoi An: Cafe Des Amis

After a somewhat disappointing food run on our first night in Hoi An, we went to Des Amis on a recommendation from a friend in Saigon.  Run by Chef Le, this rickety Francophile hole-in-the-wall blasts old French and Vietnamese tunes out of an aging speaker system and wafts of redolent foodsmells pervade the air.  Opening in 1991, Cafe Des Amis is a charming holdover in a Hoi An restaurant scene that has changed dramatically.

While most diners go with the special five-course set menu, we chose to order ala carte as we had gorged ourselves earlier.  The simple, but tasty and fresh fare was so good that we came back the next night and re-created it exactly.

Pumpkin and taro soup served with rice crackers.
Fried egg noodle with veg and shrimp
Fried Cao Lau noodles with veg and tofu
Vegetarian Spring Rolls
Wonton Soup with shrimp
Des Amis is located @ 52 D Bach Dang in Hoi An, Vietnam on the waterfront. 

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Isis said...

Hey Gavin !!

You look so happy !! I love to see that, I know Nellie has been going thru a lot, but she you, that's Perfect Peace.

I didn't read her entry till after I emailed her, I didn't mean to be insensitive ...

Thank you so so so very much for taking care of me at Burning Man... You are such a Gentleman. Being w you and Nellie was irreplaceable ....

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Love you both !!

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