Monday, April 16, 2012

This Weekend

What a weekend!  Here are the highlights:

Dinner at Warda @ 71/7 Mac Thi Buoi, District 1.  Upscale Lebanese cuisine in an enchanted setting.  Coolest bedazzled bathroom in the city and solid food.


The "Cold Meze For Two" appetizer selection
An uninspiring goat cheese salad
Sea Bass and Pears with Cous-Cous

Baklava and Chocolate Cake crammed with gooey chocolate sauce and figs - an absolute must!
Post-dinner drinks at Rum Bar @ 11 Pham Van Dat, District 1.

Saturday Acupuncture.  Guess who got cupped!  Both of us!  Will Gavin become a convert to Eastern Medicine like me?  We shall see! Since his scoliosis appears to have gotten worse, he'll need months of treatment to try to correct his back.  I think he's regretting being too cool for a back brace in Middle School now!

On Saturday night, Moeth, the heaviest band in Saigon, played at the utterly odd Metallic Bar @ 41 Ba Huyen Thanh Quan, District 3.

"Maximum volume equals maximum results."  The only purveyors of drone-metal in Vietnam, Thierry and Moe threw down a blistering set of atmospheric doom that could very well be the soundtrack for a post-apocalyptic nightmare.  Brilliant stuff.  Here are some video clips, for the uninitiated it may come across as pure noise, but there is nuance and composition behind that wall of foreboding sounds:

After-show food and beer at the inscrutable 24G.

We also made an unpictured late night stop at the Russian Bar before heading home.  There is only one week remaining for this Saigon latenight mainstay, so go visit our lovely friends from the North before it shuts its doors forever.

Sunday was indolent and sunny as usual.  We had another perfect dinner at the little Cuc Gach Quan @ 92B Thach Thi Thanh, District 1.

We then headed to Yoko for another show and some Future Shorts short films to kick off the evening.  If you missed it, the encore presentation is this Wednesday evening (18/4) at Snap Cafe in Thao Dien.  Some good selections were included.

Our pals were eating freshly boiled fish/eel monsters (Ca Keo) next door, so we took a break from the films and headed over to Quan Lau Ca Keo Rau Dang @ 4 Nguyen Thi Dieu, Q.3 to witness the fishy action.

Grilled Prawns

Despite looking downright vicious, the Spiny Goby (Ca Keo) is a vegetarian fish that abounds in the tepid waters of the Mekong Delta.  Amazingly, they can breathe air in difficult situations and, thus, are easy for restaurants to keep and serve alive.

Here is the preparation stage for the hot-pot.  The Ca Keo are tossed into the boiling water and make a couple of desultory thrashes before they succumb to the heat:

Back at Yoko, the original UGWAE lineup, with a diverse array of guests, played a propulsive set of off-kilter worldsounds to a packed, sweaty, and dance-happy crowd.  Sign me up for the Jah Army!

Fearless leader Janel.

Multi-instrumentalist and soon-to-be-departed-from-Saigon Baylin C. tooting away on the clarinet.

Here are some videos of the performance.  Happy Trails Senor Baylin!

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