Monday, April 9, 2012

This Weekend

After another grueling week of teaching English to the under-7 crowd, I was relieved to finally get to meet up with people over three-feet tall.  We headed over to our pals' new apartment for a small house-warming party and to continue the celebration of T.A.'s birthday.

Tons of food was cooked and consumed!  I made a cous-cous salad (lentils, red/yellow peppers, zucchini, squash and cherry tomatoes), mashed potatoes and pumpkin with bok choy, and homemade tortillas made into cheesy quesadillas.

To celebrate passover, our chosen friend made matzo ball soup and the Nancinator ordered a few massive platters of sushi and sashimi.  We topped of the ludicrous meal with some birthday cake!

It was a wonderful low-key night to help me unwind from the week.

The rest of our weekend followed in similar style.  After an early acupuncture appointment in the morning, I made a trip to Annam Market in District 7 where I bought scrumptious olive cibatta bread.  Upon arriving home, I made veggie sandwiches stuffed with avocado, cucumber, lettuce and tomatoes.  We heated some of the leftover potato-pumpkin mash on the side!

The rest of Saturday and all of Sunday was consumed by watching films, reading, and sleeping.  We did manage to make it out to Osaka Ramen on Sunday for lunch!

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