Friday, March 2, 2012

Wildlife in Saigon

What's even cooler in Saigon these days than peroxide-dye-jobs and skinny jeans?  Chihuahuas. Generally of a vicious temperament and equipped with absurdly long toenails (click,click,click), these minuscule beasts are all the rage. At our local photo shop, the owners keep a horde of these pups around.

Another popular pet choice is the exploding-heart puppy.  This is the perfect birthday gift for that callous individual that loves puppies but abhors the thought of them developing into an adult dog.  The widespread rumor is that these little guys are sadly not built to last and are indeed bred with a congenital heart defect that provides them with an all-too-ephemeral existence on our planet.  Egregiously unethical, but six months of love is sometimes the perfect amount. 


Carol said...

This is too sad!

Nellie said...

Sad but true!