Monday, March 5, 2012

This Weekend...

Our weekend began with a trip to District 7 for acupuncture and fire cupping to alleviate my never-ending cold.  We stopped for some food at a random, sweltering cafe while we were out in the land of apartment blocks and prams.

Mi Xao Rau (Stir-fried noodles and vegetables)

Malaysian-style fried chicken and rice
After an afternoon of errands in the extreme heat (the hot season has arrived my friends), we watched a film and made dinner.  Our friends Sonya and Tuan Anh joined us for dinner and a painting party.  While the night went unphotographed, our masterpieces are below.

Water-colored prayer paper

Stencils from Laos

An Illustrated Excursion to Vietnam

Bear on a Bike

Bunting on Cards
Sunday morning my bruises from the cupping done the day before were dark and we couldn't resist a photo shoot!  More on this to come later this week...

A trip to District 2 was made to celebrate the birth of Jordan Rex Keith Farran, our coworker and friends' son who was born on Leap Day (February 29).  At less than 6 pounds he was so tiny and fun to hold and play with. 

After the party we thought we would check out a highly-recommended District 2 eatery: Mekong Merchant @ 23 Thao Dien.  We thoroughly enjoyed both our meals and the atmosphere.  We will return someday.

Fresh Squeezed Juices

Beet and Lentil Salad topped with Goat Cheese

Hamburger with French Fries

Finally we headed to John and Sara's house to welcome Mr. Wright back to Saigon and catch a sunset on their roof.

Rooftop Water  Storage


Isis said...


You and Gavin look great, healthy and happy !!!!

I read your blog, sorry I don't post more often .... Beautiful pictures, I envy the Heat !!! Too cold in SF for me.

Love You !!


Carol said...

Wow-I wonder if your Poppers can handle a weekend like this!

Nellie said...

Isis: Thank you! I've tried to look up your blog several times in the last few months, but it appears to have disappeared. What happened? Hope all is well!

Mom: Ha! I hope Poppers can keep up!