Thursday, March 22, 2012

Classic Sounds: Khanh Ly - "Xin Doi Mot Nu Cuoi"


Isis said...

Hey Gavin, Isis here !!

Like the vid, reminds me of URGA - from Mongolia, you and Nellie should go there, why not ? Have some Yak Fermented Wine and ride horses across the steppes .... You're close, ya know.

Probably one of the Most Remote and Interesting places left. They don't "believe" in eating vegetables, only meat and milk. Very Bizarre, but did conquer half the World at one time.

Glad to see y'all are doing well !!

Love ya, glad you and Nellie had fun w Poppers !!!

Xox Isis

Gavin said...

Is this an unsolicited advertisement from the Mongolian Board of Travel? Have those steppe-monsters conquered Isis as well?

Levity aside, great to hear from you and I hope all is well in San Francisco. Be mindful of bayonet-wielding Vietnamese cats in Ingleside: