Monday, March 26, 2012

Alec + Tina Wedding Extravaganza: Part One

A distinctly original celebration in a grassy field in District 2 leads to debauchery, traditional theatrics with a modern twist, and good ole fun. We present the pictorial story of Alec + Tina's Wedding:

Early in the evening...

The unsinkable DJ Samurai emits noise...

Putting on the dress...

The application of face and/or body paint was prevalent and helped fend away evil spirits (such as roving tigers and the corrupt/ineffectual HCMC police hovering out-of-site around the greater perimeter).

The application of make-up helped a beautiful young woman become even more stunning.

The night progresses and copious amounts of lukewarm beer are consumed.  This invariably leads to a heightened group awareness and amiability runs strong.

Young Steven shows off his bride/groom commemorative t-shirt.  That is not a down-syndrome Marxist rebel on the front...that is Alec.

A pensive and thoughtful Tuan Anh contemplates the cosmos as madness swirls round.


"Where are the rings?"

The peanut gallery, attracted by the huge ground lights and film crew, wait patiently for a superstar to emerge from this off-kilter dreamscape.


An avian countenance.

Friends and family...

And the band plays on... live music provided by Maeve, Dave, Janel, David, Julian, Baylin, Moe, et. al.

A weary photographer.

Part Two to be posted soon! Motorbikes, scimitars, and fire!

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