Monday, March 19, 2012

Shopping in Hoi An

Hoi An has a great beach within 4 km of the town center and can boast of fine dining that rivals the fare in some of the world's biggest cities, but most come to Hoi An for one reason and one reason only: the shopping.  From wooden trinkets to tailored suits and everything in between, Hoi An is unparalleled in these parts for the sheer momentum driving its consumer craze.

Bitter melon: for all of those with tendencies to imbibe, the tea made from this vegetable is supposedly beneficial to liver function.

Custom shoes cobbled to fit any foot... give them a few days to get it just right.

Strange flat fish found at the pungent and slimy fish market.

The ubiquitous trademark of Hoi An: the lantern.

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Carol said...

Love, love love the pictures. I want one of everything! The photo with all the blue and white dishes, the lanterns and those bracelets....I wonder if Poppers is bringing me back anything?