Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Koh Lanta: Our Last Day on the Island

The heavily forested, stunning vistas of Bamboo Bay.

One of the local macaques bound to a life of shackles and keen on pleasing himself.

A pristine inlet on Phra Ae (Long) Beach (a five minute drive from the main port of Saladan).

Lunch at Nang Sabai German Bakery @ 265 Moo 1 (between Saladan and Long Beach).

Delectable Deli Sandwich with Gouda

A devoutly pious mantis came to proselytize at the central-island Mong Bar: a bastion of all things counterculture, including psilocybin mushroom shakes and pot brownies.  A friendly atmosphere pervades this little piece of land, but it may remind you of high school a bit much with the day-glo Hendrix posters, psychedelic tapestries, and burned-out vibe.

Our Danish buddy Christian and a local pariah dog.  Check out Christian's band: The Scandinavian Pink Floyd Project.

Back at Klong Jark Bay for a final, dizzying sunset...

Proprietor Sid

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