Tuesday, September 18, 2012

This Weekend: Sashimi Pizza and Smoky Cafes

Friday night started with a boom, a double date to a new pizza joint in town called Pizza 4P @ 8/15 Le Thanh Ton in District 1.  Owned by a young Japanese couple, they've created a playful menu, combining Japanese and Italian cuisine.  While not usually fans of fusion (food, music, etc), we were blown away by our dinner here.  We sat up stairs, where a cute little thank you note was waiting on our table, thanking me profusely for my reservation (which are essential on weekends). 

One wall in the upstairs room was adorned with a giant chalkboard covered in festive doodles.  My favorite bit was of course the bunting in the high branches of the tree!

For dinner, we split a big garden salad, topped with herbs and an onion-whey dressing.

We ordered four pizzas:  two classic margheritas, a three-cheese pizza which was served with honey on the side (AMAZING), and a salmon sashimi pizza.  All were delicious.  We will surely be back.  Join the reconstructed pizza revolution!

Saturday's lunch was spent back at our local Thai spot on Nguyen Huu Cau in D.1

Chicken Satay, Fluffy Catfish, and not one but two orders of vegetarian Pad Thai.  Gluttons?  I think so!

Dinner at Cuc Gach Cafe @ 79 Phan Ke Binh, District 1.

Cuc Gach Cafe offers a set menu, much like their 92B Thach Thi Thanh location.  They were very accommodating to vegetarians and gave us the meat-free works: salad, soup, rice, sauteed vegetables, and mushrooms along with tofu.  The Cuc Gach empire is alive and well, but this location does feel a bit too new... I'm waiting for some dust to accumulate on the walls.

Live music and art at deciBel (79/2/9 Phan Ke Binh, District 1) to launch the opening of Japanese photographer Nakaya Sato's show Natural Mystic.  With live experimental music by Thierry Bernard-Gotteland and live video/art performance by un ecargot vide (shown below).


Sunday night brought more rain and a tired temperament, so we didn't emerge from our home. A nice week to all!

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Carol said...

So many new places to go to. Can't wait!