Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Vietnamese Independence Day (Ngày Quốc Khán)

On September 2nd, Vietnam celebrates a national holiday that commemorates their official declaration of independence from France in 1945.  We decided to join in the revelry.

Saturday brought a procession of activities: a stop at an art talk (Sa Sa Projects of Phnom Penh), dinner and drinks on Nguyen Thung Truc, dancing the night away at Vasco's with Unconventional Science and Jase, and late night soup slurping at Osaka Ramen.

We met Sunday slowly and feebly, but with the help of friends embraced the cool, overcast afternoon.  A lunch of delectable Thai at a new-to-us joint on Nguyen Huu Cau, D.1 brought energy and comfort.

Thai Iced Tea

Chicken Laab

Fluffy catfish (Yam Pla-Duk Fu)
Green mango salad on the side of Fluffy Fish
Fried Rice
Beef Satay
Vegetarian Pad Thai
All of the offerings were absolutely delicious.  We will share the address soon!

Red Curry with Seafood

Post-meal, we did as the locals do and hung out blissfully and aimlessly in Tao Dan Park.

The purchase of a ball for some intense ball-games action.

Psychedelic ball kept us occupied for a fun-wracked hour until an untimely demise was met. 

On the way home, we stopped, grabbed a refreshing Dua Tac on Hai Ba Trung, and purchased some festive decorations for the up-coming Mid-Autumn Festival.  I went for the cock and fish.

Our homes are currently occupied by the spirits of our deceased ancestors!  Never a lonely minute in Saigon...

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