Friday, August 24, 2012

A New Addition: Sewing Machine

We have a new addition to the family that has been keeping me very busy... A sewing machine!  We welcomed this little guy into our home last week after buying him second-hand at Thuan Phat @ 596 Hoang Van Thu, Q. Tan Binh.

I love exploring the local fabric shops near Tan Dinh Market.

I've been working on accumulating quite the fabric collection and have been working my way through them, one meter at a time, making colorful strips of flags (bunting).

I've made a dozen so far, not sure what I'm going to do with them yet, but they have been keeping me busy!

The inspiration for these flags came from this Malay boatman in Pulau Kapas.

My long list of things to make includes dishtowels, cloth napkins, tote bags, pillow cases, and skirts for work.


Isis said...


I am sewing right now, just sent ya a comment, and saw your new Sewing Machine !!! Congratulations !!!!!! You've just bought the greatest thing in the world, tho I suppose Gavin would take his guitar....

Love your Flags, that's a real inspiration !! Good for you, I love sewing !!!

Nellie said...

I LOVE my sewing machine! It's so nice to have one again! What have you been working on?

Carol said...

Love your flags Nellie!