Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fly Cupcake

With the donut craze fizzling out in Vietnam it's time for the newest overpriced Western sweet to have its day in the sun.  Fly Cupcake opened a new cafe around the corner from my school.  I saw it going up a few days ago and stopped by after work this morning to see if it had opened... and sure enough cupcakes were ready to fly off the shelf!  I picked up a box of four to sample: strawberry, coconut, coffee, and oreo.  My God they were creamy and rich and decadent and yummy.

While the frosting was a bit overbearing, the cake itself was perfect.  Moist and delicate!

The cafe itself was adorable, very cute - think overstuffed pillows in pastel colors on soft sofas and decorative coffee mugs.  I'll have to stop by for coffee and cakes another time.  They have a few locations in town, the new shop is at 25A Tu Xuong in District 3.


Dani said...

Ohhhh....they look good! Bit of a worry that it's just around the corner......Danger!

Dragonheart8588 said...

How much was the box of 4 cupcakes? Expensive for Vietnam standard? Atlanta is in a glut of cupcake stores. It's pricey, overly sweeten, way too much frosting. The ones that you bought have less frosting than the ones we have in the States.

Nellie said...

Dani: My thoughts exactly! Very dangerous!

Dragonheart: cupcakes here are 39,000 VND a pop, just under $2 each. Might not seem expensive by US standards, but in Vietnam, where the average wage is around $200 a month, it seems a bit over the top!