Monday, July 23, 2012

Pulau Weh: Beach Barbecue at Sumur Tiga

A torpid Sunday afternoon.  I see smoke and a group of youngsters milling about the far end of the beach.  Curious and without direction, I amble over to see what the flames are burning. I discover that the people are members of a local, co-ed basketball team and are celebrating their entrance into a regional tournament in Banda Aceh by having a communal beach barbecue. They are exceptionally welcoming and I hang on to document their revelry.

Faby, an ebullient seventeen year old, was my de-facto translator. 

The Coach.

Preparation of the meal.  Fresh tuna with a yellow curry marinade.  Barbecued over smoldering coconut shells.

Dinner is served...

We ate traditionally: picking the meaty flesh from the bone, expertly molding white rice into workable bites with dexterous fingers, and dipping the combination of fish and rice into a fiery soy-chili sauce.

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