Thursday, July 19, 2012

Daisuke Tanabe + BOTTLESMOKER @ Yoko

 Japanese beat-constructor Daisuke Tanabe subtly rattles rooms with deconstructionist dubstep and hip-hop and ambient sounds and stuff. Nellie calls his distinctive sonic aura "lounge buzz-fuzz".

BOTTLESMOKER, an energetic duo from Bandung, West Java, sound like Sigur Ros with electronic toys.  Beeps and blips and pure bliss emanate from these guys and the whirligigs they manipulate.  The happiest post-rock I've ever heard.

Daisuke Tanabe + BOTTLESMOKER @ Yoko, Q.3, Saigon. July 18, 2012

Catch the encore presentation - Tonight (July 19) @ Vasco's, Q.1, Saigon.

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