Friday, July 27, 2012

Mosquito Band at Xom Cafe

Mosquito Band plays startlingly accurate renditions of flamenco standards.  Incredible musicianship without an ounce of arrogance.  We saw them at Xom Cafe @ 113 Dang Dung, Tan Dinh, D. 1.

DJ Samurai entertains the crowd with Japanese hip-hop stylings and humorously unintelligible asides.

With hunger gnawing at our insides it was time for yet another late night post-party.  The quintessential Saigon experience: passing time under the stars at an outdoor eatery.

Regaling eachother with beery tales of the sacred and the profane, the profound and the absurd...

Hilarity ensued.

Then balladry.

Our transgender waitress was a bit camera shy (read: downright perturbed).

There is no better time for a late-night mobile lamination than now. Long live the overhead projector!

 What's your best impression of Gavin?

And to top it all off... a mouth-watering group dessert.  The undisputed king of streetside delicacies - Bo Bia Ngot!  Fresh shards of coconut, sesame seeds, and sugar cane wrapped in a tiny rice pancake.

This Saturday night (July 28) DJ Samurai and the Xom crew will throw a big, loud party @ Xom Cafe. You are invited.

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