Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Ba Cay Choi (The Three Broomsticks Town)

In the name of discovery and progression, we stumbled into Ba Cay Choi (The Three Broomsticks Town) on Phan Xich Long thinking it was a hip watering hole due to the log-cabin exterior (shades of Karga- the coolest bar in Istanbul), a stark contrast from Saigon's norm.  While it wasn't exactly a bar and the drinks served weren't the kind that contain alcohol, we were pleasantly surprised by what we found through those wooden doors: a Harry Potter/LOTR-inspired fantasy world.  The spindly, labyrinthine building houses a kitchen, movie theater, restaurant/bar, private party room, a photo studio, Wii playroom, and a work shop to complete the many DIY kits they sell.  Basically, this has to be the perfect place in Saigon to throw a party for kids.  To add to its mystique, no photos were allowed inside  Read more about it here.

 After a few "brews", I splurged on one of the DIY dolls (69,000 VND).

I got to crafting last week.

 Despite the completely Vietnamese directions, I think my little strawberry outfit turned out quite alright:

 Ba Cay Choi is located at 141 Phan Xich Long in Phu Nhuan.  Visit their website here.

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