Friday, May 6, 2011

Sloppy Sushi

A recent diversion in my culinary explorations has been the taking on of hand-rolled, vegetarian sushi.  Though a tad bit sloppy during my initial attempts, lately, my rolls have been morphing into tightly-wound, seaweed-encased cylinders of pure delight.

Cook one one cup of thoroughly rinsed white or brown long-grain Jasmine rice with a tablespoon of sugar and a pinch of salt in two cups of water until the rice is fluffy and whimsical.  Then callously leave the rice in the refrigerator for several hours (or overnight) to cool down.

When the rice has cooled down and regained composure it's time for action.  Prepare your work station with a small cup of water, rice, thinly-sliced pieces of avocado (along with an other veg you'd like to throw in - bell pepper, daikon, carrot, etc.) and seaweed sheets.

On my first few forays, I only had small 2" by 3" sheets to roll single pieces of sushi, but later I came to my senses and bought larger sheets of nori seaweed at a local Japanese market.  Oh...the joys of trial and error cooking!

With the back of a spoon or your weathered hands, pack a layer of rice on your seaweed, add your filling, and roll tightly together using a sushi mat.

This might be difficult to master the first few times. But don't sweat my pet(s), you will get the hang of it quicker than you might think!

Use some water to dampen and seal the remaining edge of seaweed to hold your roll together.

With a properly sharpened knife, slice your rolls into several pieces.

As an ever-accommodating host, I even made several of my rolls gluten-free for an intolerant friend.  These red bell pepper and cabbage alternatives (with lettuce substituting for rice) were quite the hit.  Make sure you add several leaves and roll tightly for them to stay together properly.

Serve with soy sauce that issues forth from a green bottle and add dollops of wasabi to light that inner fire.


Carol said...

When I visit I want you to show me how to make all looks so easy but I know it isn't. I love your step by step pictures.

Gavin said...

Sorry O Mighty Isis, but this really isn't the proper forum for inflammatory political commentary.

I enjoyed the rest of your post however and have pasted it below. Enjoy TVOTR; the Independent is one of my favorite small venues in the world.

Back to your Sushi, hey, thanks for the tip about cooling the rice OVERNIGHT. Never thought to do that ...... thanks!! Your rolls look awesome !!!! Really impressive, like the lettuce idea, too. I use a tad bit of rice wine vinegar with the rice, it imparts some flavor and you can mush it together, it makes a nice sticky rice. You can check it out.

Your KITCHEN looks divine !!! Is that your new crib? What's with the "Egg Chair" in the background? I love it !!! It looks like something from Tina Turner's house, back in the 70's. Though I doubt Gavin can fit in it. Ha ha!!!

I'm going to see "TV on the Radio" this week at the Independent. They are so f. great. I watched the Letterman clip on Youtube, wow, great musicians. Incredible. I'll let ya know how it goes.

Glad to see your life, as always, is so interesting and you're having new adventures !!!!

xox. Isis

Nellie said...

Mom- I would love to show you how to make sushi, it really is easy after you do it a few times. You would be surprised! I hope you make it out here so I can teach you.

Isis- I read rice vinegar works well for sushi rice, but sugar seems to get it sticky enough to use as well. We do in fact have funny little egg stools in our kitchen. I hope to take a few pictures of the house tomorrow after I have the place cleaned to share on the blog! Hope all is well and you are enjoying SF.