Sunday, May 8, 2011

Send in the Clouds

The air is thick with moisture as the days blend together in one thick, gelatinous haze of inexorable heat.  Bursts of water spurt from fecund skies as nebular armies invade the heavens each afternoon, bringing clusters of choleric thunderheads bursting at the seams with their liquid bounty.  The rainy season is almost upon us and there is only one constant in the equation of our future livelihoods - we are going to get wet.  This month's playlist is dedicated to this equatorial phenomenon.

A Bacharach-penned ditty... a Krautrock ode to lovers with dark dispositions... jangling radio-friendly indie rock... sardonic dead-pan witticisms from David Berman... a dose of whiskey-drenched Confederate despondency from the late, great Vic Chesnutt... a hyper-literate cowboy Chautauqua... Post-Beefheart saxophone belches from Bongwater (obscure, avant-jokester extraordinaires)... and even a little noisy, acoustic post-rock from Istanbul to top it all off.  Enjoy.


Ned said...

You missed Tom Waits "Rain Dogs"!

Gavin said...

Mr. Waits was not overlooked, but purposefully (and maybe prematurely) omitted from the final list. "Rain Dogs" and "Bride of Rain Dog" made it to my selection ceremony**, but as I pared it down I went with Bongwater for my post-Beefheart abrasive urban blues kick. In retrospect, I probably should have went with Waits. Thanks for reading Ned-o.

**In which I carefully listened to about thirty storm-related tracks as I took a bath in rainwater muddied with a tincture of seaweed extract and simultaneously measured my brain activity in response to the songs with my home CT scan machine.