Wednesday, May 25, 2011



When looking for tasty, consistent, no-frills Indian, Punjabi is waiting just a short bike ride away in the great, windswept land of human detritus - the Pham Ngu Lao.  Punjabi is located at 40/4 Bui Vien in a well-worn alley dotted with budget hotels, cafes, and blackmarket-book sellers .  Although the dishes lack some of the fire that northern Indian cuisine is often synonymous with, this modest locale is reasonably priced, decidedly simple, and repeatedly fulfilling.

Although Gavin and I usually go there for an expeditious lunch while running errands in the area, a couple of sturdy, wooden tables open up in front of the restaurant at night, providing excellent people watching opportunities.  There is no better soup for the jaded soul than gawking at frazzled backpackers adjusting poorly to the frenetic Saigon streets.

Our recommendations?  Start with the capable vegetable samosas and some crispy papadums dipped in chili sauce.  For your main feed, share a few dishes at the table and rejoice in lively conversation.  Our favorite dishes are standard Indian fare - butter chicken, verdant palak paneer, hearty dal fry, and creamy malai kofta.  To accompany the rich sauces, order freshly-baked nan bread (plain or garlic) or go for my personal favorite, whole-wheat Tandorri roti.  


Isis said...

Hey Nellie,

Happy Bithday to your Dad !!! He's a Taurus I see, whoa!!! They sure love luxury - textiles, gourmet food, "The Good Life" as Gavin would say!!

Sorry I haven't written, I've been really busy, but I was upset to see y'all almost crashed the bike... Glad you're okay, I couldn't imagine a better driver than G, except for Keanu Reeves, his Doppleganger and also a huge fan of two wheels.

Soooo, I'm moving to Haight Ashbury, because, well because I am basically a hippie or actually, a "Hipster". Yes, you know it's true.

I saw on FB that Mickey has already bought her tickets to Burning Man, which means there's plenty of time to stock up on one jar of Peanut Butter.

My Favorite Line from last years Burn: "The baby's in the Tent."

I'll write y'all later, moving this weekend, and also a Benefit for The Temple tomorrow nite (Wed) at the ex Federal Reserve ("Bentley Reserve") now, owned by loaded Burners.... Should be fun!!

Love ya, be safe and loved the Indian food !!!!

Xox Isis

Cari said...

I hate you for showing me the pictures of scrumptious Indian food. But it prompted me to learn how to make pad thai sauce and that made me feel better to eat something a little similar to thai food. I'm so glad that Turkey stopped blocking blogger because I like ya'lls blog so much. lOVE