Thursday, March 17, 2011


A pomelo is a large south-east Asian citrus fruit.  Dismantling a pomelo is a tricky business. 
Be prepared for a mess when getting involved with this sucker.
Start by cutting the top off a few inches down.  If you see bits of the citrus fruit poking through, you're doing it right.
Now start to cut the fruit.  There is about an inch of rind around the whole fruit.
Slowly carve your way deeper.
Once your fruit is exposed, cut out the juicy bits from their hard membranes.  The white parts are too tough and fibrous to eat.
Plate it and devour.  Pomelo's range from a stark acid-yellow hue to a whimsical light pink.  The citrus aroma is intense and the flavor is much sweeter than a grapefruit, but not quite as sugary as a mandarin orange.  Pair it with chili salt for dipping as the Vietnamese do or just enjoy it plain.


Isis said...

That looks suspiciously like a fruit that should be enjoyed with Tequila.

Anonymous said...

nice idea..thanks for sharing....