Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Bánh Mì - Remodeled

Traditional bánh mì (Vietnamese sandwich) is an inexpensive, tasty, and quick treat .  Nothing beats a soft, freshly-baked baguette, filled with fresh cucumbers, carrots, daikons, and parsley, topped off with some hot peppers for an extra kick and soy sauce.  But for a finicky critter like myself, it is all wrecked by the fat-ringed, processed slabs of various animals parts and the thick slush-gray pâté that is slathered on top of everything.  It was in the halcyon days of my sandwich odyssey that I realized I couldn't take the meat products much longer.

As of late, Gavin and I have found a new way to enjoy our "Saigon Subs" - sans mystery meat.  Greatly confuse your local bánh mì seller by asking for a veggie sandwich.  You will most likely be the first patron to make this strange request.  Take your new friend home and stir-fry strips of tofu and whatever vegetables you have laying around the house.  I generally use both green and purple cabbage along with red peppers.  Once cooked through, smother with Thai chili sauce and add into your sandwich.

The result will please even the pickiest of eaters and fill you for the day.


NGOC LAM said...

That bread is may be poppular at Ho Chi Minh city .(like sandwich)
at my local, Binh Dinh, bread is traditional, not dry, it is wet because red soup, which have cook meet, like ca ri soup.

Carol said...

Yum, I think your sandwich looks good. Maybe you should try Binh Dinh and see how they make wet bread-sounds interesting? We were at Tamarind Tree again on Sunday, had this yummy dessert with coconut milk over crusted bannana. I love all the combinations of things I would never think of.