Friday, March 25, 2011

Hanoi: A Trip in Pictures

After three and a half jam-packed days and one excruciatingly sleepless night, we returned with runny noses and high spirits to Saigon.  Our trip was absolutely lovely - expect many posts to come about the glorious food we ate, the sights we took in, and the items we purchased.  Here is a short pictorial introduction to whet your appetite!

Through the looking glass - a quick respite from another infamous "Nellie Death March" around an unfamiliar city.

Pigment for dying fabric.

Kicking it with a cat at yet another shrine to the ubiquitous Emperor Lê Lợi.

Out and about on the town.

My first of many glasses of bia hơi.

The Old Quarter of Hanoi.

As usual, nose lodged firmly into some type of reading material.

1 comment:

Isis said...

Nellie, you look beautiful ! My Mom really liked Hanoi, did you see the Water Puppet Play? She thought it was "amazing".

I'm writing you this on the N JUDAH line, from Outer Sunset, where I live, and going Downtown. Please tell Gavin I am not on my way to Popeye's Chicken.

Xox Isis