Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Year in Review

Today, the Year of the Cat commences according to the Vietnamese lunar calendar, so pay your debts, dissolve previous anxieties, and let good vibes reign during the Tet holiday.  Subsequently, we thought it was time to reflect back on the year 4707 (or 2010 for those following the lead of Pope Gregory XIII).  It was an eventful year for us and we hope your time was just as memorable.  Rather than rambling on with baseless words, here is a pictorial year in review.

My 25th Birthday Party in Istanbul

Snow in Kadikoy!

 Our trip to Amsterdam in March and Gavin's proposal

Three nights of Umphrey's McGee in Amsterdam. Old friends, Belgian beer, and Wappy Sprayberry.
Save-the-date photos taken by Poppers in an Istanbul rug shop

An exciting trip through the Balkans with good friends for a few weeks in June

Saying goodbye to Istanbul - the crew at Gugum.
 Zoozie: the Princess of the Moda Street Hounds

Our Turkish family

Back to the states....preparing for a big event...July 24th, 2010

 And the after party!

 Languorous, bone-hot summer days spent at Hidden Beach in Lake Tahoe

Burning Man 2010

And...after the revelry concluded back home in the western states, we headed off for our current home: Vietnam


JoAnn said...

And what a year it was...happy new year!!!

Carol said...

What a wonderful look back over the year!

Amy said...

Hi Nellie! You two really have had quite an amazing year! I loved the picture show and I'm glad you both are still having as much fun in Vietnam as you had in Istanbul and Reno!
We miss you guys :)