Friday, February 4, 2011

The Space

Some time ago, we were invited to visit DIA Projects, a small, shared art studio created and ran by renowned Vietnamese artist Richard Streitmatter-Tran.  The meticulously organized cooperative space is a veritable playground for the creatively inclined and is filled with bookshelves packed with art-related literature, carefully-stacked paints, tools, paper and photography equipment.  A great place to spend a long afternoon tucked in with like-minded folks on a comfortable couch, it's located across the river from the RMIT campus in the wilds of Binh Chan.  Gavin and I were both highly impressed and inspired by the space and hope to make a return trip soon.

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Isis said...

Nellie -

I meant to comment on your "Year in Review", but honestly, I was just overwhelmed by all the wonderful things that happened to you in one year .... what could I say ?!!! Just A-W-E-S-O-M-E !!! I'm so glad you did that entry .... what a great life you're having !!!!

And, I meant to tell you before, because I saw some of your wedding pictures on FB, but you looked SOO BEAUTIFUL in that dress. There's one picture in this entry of you walking, your legs look fabulous ... it's just such a fresh look for a Wedding Dress. I really liked it. Very chic.

Really great review of your year ... I hope this one is every bit as memorable and exciting.

On another note, that's strange the Vietnamese are celebrating the Year of the Cat ....... I was under the impression it's the Year of the Hare (for the Chinese it is). Of course, that reminds me of something I haven't thought of in so long.

In High School, I went out to dinner at a Japanese restaurant with an ex-friend of mine, and I said, "Oh, I'll just have wonton soup." And this chick said - in the smuggest voice EVER:

"They don't have 'wonton soup' at Japanese restaurants."

She's now a psychotherapist. And I am very sure she makes people feel great about themselves. Lol.

That's so funny to me now, because I'm such a sushi fanatic.

Great Art studio. Hope you start painting some of the things you see -

I went on a couple walking tours of SF this week: NOB HILL and THE GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE. So interesting, I love trivia. Can't wait to do Chinatown.

I'm lovin' this City !!!

xox Isis