Sunday, November 23, 2008

We have Arrived.

Highlights of the last 3 days:
  • Nellie smoked a cigarette in a "Smokers Paradise" in the Austrian Airport ( a hot, smokey trailer in the middle of the airport.  gross.)
  • Gavin Learned what a WC is.
  • We arrived in Istanbul after 18 hours of flights, delirious, tired, smelly, and hungry.
  • Gavin ate a fish sandy and loved it, even though he nearly choked on fish bones.
  • Went to the spice bazzar where we were hassled by sellers of street wares.
  • Gavin had a bird poop on his head (hopefully that really does mean good luck)
  • Drank chi and played backgammon (or "crack-gammon" as Gavin calls it) in a old turkish bath.
  • We narrowly avoided an angry, american murdering mob at the blue Mosque.
  • GAVIN SHAVED THE BEARD.  It's very short now, he looks very clean cut, except for the shaggy mop on top of his head.

Today we are doing more sightseeing, then tomorrow we start the interview process for teaching jobs.  Can't wait to teach these Turks some good old American.

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