Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Gavin and I have landed English Teaching Positions at English Time.  Gavin and I were offered positions at the same school and at the SAME pay.  Equality at last!  Pretty exciting!


J said...

Happy Thanksgiving & congratulations on finding jobs so quickly! The music sounds great, thanks a lot! J & B

Charles said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Gav, so the Muslim subjegation of women doesn't apply to pay at english schools eh? Lame. Just kidding, Nel, glad everything is going smoothly.

flemink2 said...

Hey you two -
Happy Turkey Weekend! I am on the rainy, cold, beautiful, green Oregon Coast - do you miss the Northwest already?
I am so proud that you two have somehow fooled people into thinking that you can teach English. : )

Thanks for the blog - loving it already!