Saturday, May 30, 2015

Things That Lucy Loves At (almost) 14 Months

We have a plethora of toys and activities to keep our little one busy all day long.  Lucy has a few favorites that we keep going back to, so I thought I would share.

Lucy loves her doll.  'Lucy Doll' was a gift from Grandma, and slowly it has become a favorite.  She has a magnetic bottle and mouth - Lucy loves to feed her.  She is really drawn to baby dolls when we are out as well.  I think it is so sweet to see her mothering a baby doll when she is still just a baby herself.

Taking things out and putting them in.  Lucy could do this all day long.  Gavin and try to make this activity more focused by giving her items to sort, etc.  She loves moving buttons or wooden beads between bowls.  She loves to sort fruit from one basket to another.  She likes tossing bean bags into a basket.

Stacking.  The night we came back from our trip to Turkey and Italy, Lucy marched into the apartment and within minutes found this previously ignored stacker.  It is now a favorite!  She hasn't grasped the concept of stacking rings by size, but she loves putting them on, then taking them off and doing it all over again!

I recently got another stacking toy - a threading set that came with some wooden poles to stack.  Rather than large rings, it comes with smaller wooden beads (a perfect size for Lucy to hold).  This has become a favorite activity as well!

Hammering.  We bought this ball hammering set when Lucy was about 8 months and it was an instant hit!  She was getting pretty good at it around 10 moths, and is a pro these days!  She is so cute chasing after the balls when they come out and going wild hammering them in!

Shape sorting.  The wooden one is a bit tricky, so after she gets in the squares and circles, she usually gives up, slides the door off and just puts the rest in!  Very creative!  The Hello Kitty sorter has always piqued Lucy's interest (I got it when she was really young, so she has seen it around the house for ages, plus it plays music and makes fun sounds) but it wasn't until recently that she could actually PLAY with it.  She is quite good at getting the shapes in but usually needs a little help figuring out which shape goes where.

A few days ago Lucy figured out how to nest these stacking cups on her own and now she LOVES doing it on her own.  She is pretty cute trying to put each one into each other, and redoing the ones that don't fit perfectly.  I plan to get her a set of larger stacking blocks when we are in the States this summer, I think she will really enjoy them!

Playing in her kitchen.  Lucy is really into the kitchen set up I made.  She bangs the pots and pans around and plays with all the felt food I made.  She likes to pull apart the velcro wooden fruit and stick as much stuff as she can into the blender... it's all very cute!

Dress Up.  I have a basket of fabric, scarves and ties in the living room that has become a favorite.  Lucy always has something around her neck or over her head!  Funny enough, this basket is Ms. Hanh's FAVORITE thing to play with when she is watching Lucy.  They have so many games they play with all the fabric!  It is so much fun to watch!

Ball through the hole.  This is a favorite game!  We push pompoms through the hole in the stool and lift up the stool to find the pompoms.  Seriously the most entertaining activity for Lucy ever!  We also have a ball through the tube version (poster tube and plastic ball) that is equally as entertaining!

Head phones.  We got these noise cancelers for Lucy, intending to use them some day at a concert of music festival.  Turns out Lucy LOVES putting them on and wandering through the house.  We also use them when she helps me make smoothies in the kitchen - our blender is so LOUD!

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