Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A Day in the Life: Lucy at 13.5 Months

6am: Lucy was up this morning bright and early!  Usually we are sleeping in until about 7, but not today!  Lucky us ;)

Lucy is bouncing off the walls from the get go.

6:30am: After I get some coffee in me, we head out!

We go to the market every other day or so to pick up fruit and get breakfast.  Today we got a massive watermelon, a few mangos, two bunches of bananas, sticky rice for me and Lucy and rice porridge for Gavin.

7am: Back at home.  Lucy busies herself in her kitchen while I get breakfast together.

Breakfast!  Sticky rice with boiled peanuts, watermelon, strawberries, and a small banana.  Don't be fooled, only about 5% of this was actually eaten!  Lucy's favorite thing to do with this breakfast is to dig through the rice and just eat the peanuts out.

After breakfast and a shower, it is time to PLAY!!!

We play together for a while, then she gets busy with her ball and crawling around and I get a chance to check emails and fold some laundry.

9am: Ms Hanh, our twice a week helper is here!  She plays with Lucy while I finish getting ready for the day.

9:30: An shows up and we get ready to go!  I ALWAYS have SOMETHING planned each day, either in the morning or afternoon.  We have to get out of the house at least once a day, ideally to meet up with other moms and babies, but errands work as well.  Today my friend An and I took Lucy to a new International Kindergarden near our house to take a tour and find out about the curriculum.  Unfortunately, they don't offer a half-day program like I am looking for, but Lucy did have fun playing on the play equipment with the other children and visiting the classrooms.

11am: Lucy is exhausted and we head home, she falls asleep the minute we get in the taxi!  I get her into bed by 11:15 and she sleeps until 1:30.  I use this new LOOONG afternoon nap to catch up with Gavin (who has finally woken up) and eat a little lunch.  Then I get back to some projects I am working on.

1:30: Rise and shine little Goose!  Lucy wakes up HUNGRY as she missed lunch.  I make a quarter of a toasted bagel, one half topped with cream cheese and the other with avocado, some strawberries and a banana.  And some fresh squeezed OJ.

After lunch it is back to PLAY!  Lucy and I check out her stuffed animals for a while and read some stories.

Then she was back to her kitchen.

Around 3pm Dad came home from his workshop.  Wahoo!

3:30: My Lazada package came!  I order a new threading set for Lucy.  We broke it out and got to work on it.   Lucy really enjoyed picking out each piece from a 'mystery can' I made the other day and stacking it onto the pole.

Boy was it HOT out today.  I gave Lucy a popsicle as a snack and she ate it outside.  We were all sweating so much within minutes!  So we broke out the pool to cool off in!  Plus we squeezed some more OJ for a refreshing drink!

Post pool cheese snack!

After the pool I never was able to get a diaper back on!

5pm: Dinner!  I made a snack plate of rice crackers, cheese, avocado, olives, celery, and dried fruit.  We ate it on the floor in the living room with the AC blasting.  Lucy pranced around the living room naked while shoving as much cheese and avocado in her mouth as possible.  What a cutie!

5:30: Dad is off to work and we are on our final countdown!  We hang up some laundry and clean up the house between games.

6:30: BATH TIME!  After her bath these days, Lucy really enjoys playing with the faucet and playing with the water.  She is in the tub doing so until nearly 7.

7pm: Lucy is out of the tub!  Dried off, teeth brushed, lotion on, PJs on, and in bed!  We had an easy bed time and she was out before 7:20.

Just another day in the life with GOOSE!

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