Sunday, August 10, 2014

Adventures with Goose: Ho Tram Beach, Viet Nam

With Grandparents visiting we decided to take our first family trip.  Just a couple of hours by drive to the windswept coast of the East Sea and the casuarina-lined Ho Tram beach.  Gavin and I visited the brash  Ho Tram Grand a few months back, but for this trip we opted to stay at the quainter and more aesthetically rich Ho Tram Beach Resort and Spa.

The Goose was a perfect travel companion - she traveled well, napped on the road, and was ready for her first day at the beach when we arrived!

 We toured the resort grounds and took some pictures here and there.

Then camped out in the beachside bar for refreshments + revelry after the journey.

Finally it was time to hit the beach!

Lucy's first dip in the sea!

An un-pictured trip into the pool - Lucy looked so cute in her little pool float, but unfortunately the swim was short lived!  Maybe next time!

The Goose was POOPED after her first day at the beach and was out as soon as bedtime rolled around. We kept her safe under the net from the 'wildlife' at the resort - they appear to be breeding their very own population of giant, insatiable biting flies and mosquitoes.  Normally unscathed in Saigon, we returned from this trip riddled with welts and wounds.

Day two was a blast!  Lucy was up nice and early, ready to get out there and start the day!

We passed the Goose around - I don't think she was ever not being cuddled or held the whole trip.

She even wore her crab pants for the trip to the beach.

 We hit the salt water pool in the morning for a dip.

This time she lasted a little longer, however she seemed pretty happy when we pulled her out (just before the water works started) and wrapped her up in a towel!

All fresh and clean!  Hanging around in the Beach bar for lunch!

 An early evening stroll through the grounds....

Goose loves to fly!

A girl and her Mom.

A girl and her Dad.

 A girl and her Grandparents.

A wonderful trip had by all!

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Carol said...

Some of the cutest pictures ever!