Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Weekends At the Edge of Adulthood

We had a busy week!  Between bake-sale preparation at our home.....

.... and Teachers' Day celebrations...

Nice suit Gav! 

... it was time to get away for a weekend.

We were lucky enough to get a free night stay at a splendid coastal resort in windswept Ho Tram (about 45 km up the coast from Vung Tau) and took full advantage of our time there.  Talk about a room with a view!

Many a beach walk was taken.

Always right behind my trusty leader...

Found something!

Trash grazing... we found enough wayward flip-flops to keep Vietnam's children flopping for generations to come.

And counted at least half a dozen different tropical fruits.  Offerings at the beach to ancestors of times past.

Tidepools in the early morning.

Then pool side in the afternoon.

Endless smiles for endless summers.

We shall return to the edge of the East Sea as soon as possible.


Carol said...

Love the suit Gavino!

Isis O Isis said...

You look great Nellie !!

But I am curious - was the Lightbulb an offering to Ancestors of past, or maybe a nod to Prometheus - cuz "electricity" might rival Fire.

Also, wear shoes out there !!! Looks sketchy -