Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Possibly the Best Layover Ever: Narita, Japan (Part 1)

We had a nine-hour layover at Narita International Airport outside of Tokyo. Instead of taking the train into the city, we opted for a short jaunt into the town of Narita.  Our decision proved to be wise...

A 10 minute ride on the Keisei Main Line drops you in the center of Narita City.  Walk down the main drag, Omotesandou, for a quaint stroll through a land of souvenirs and tasty treats.

Our first stop was at a bakery for some freshly-baked rice crackers.

Onwards to more tea and pastries...

Tea dispensers.

A curiosity shop full of rare beasts, potions, and homeopathic remedies.

Taxidermy gone wild.

Rikki Tikki Tavi vs. the Hooded Cobra.

Multi-colored handkerchiefs in a dizzying array of patterns.

"Beckoning cats" accompanied us on our journey through the "spiritual vortex" which is Narita.

Another stop along the road brought us to an ornately decorated tea-house where we indulged in coffee and toast.

Snacking on fried octopus balls!

Sake Brewery.

The ubiquitous Narita hedgehog creature.  They appear benevolent, but that innocent facade belies a ghastly temper.  Don't cross this critter.

Keisei Narita Station.

The face of someone who is not quite ready to leave Japan.

Coming soon... roaming around the Narita Shinshoji Temple.  A grand pilgrimage indeed. 

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Ned said...

I can see why you liked Narita so much. It looks like the parts of Vietnam I liked best (bits of Hoi An and Saigon) turned into a whole city.