Monday, June 17, 2013

Home is Where Your Heart Swells: Seattle, Washington

Some things never change in the Pacific Northwest:

Nellie's childhood art project remains intact in Madrona Park.  Killer mosaic!

Ezell's still churns out the best fried chicken in the world. For nearly thirty years, they have been keeping Seattle sated.

Microbrewed Pale Ale in any shape, size, or color remains the best afternoon refreshment.

The Ballard Locks is still the best place to have a good ole' fashioned fish & chips picnic.   Thanks to Kim Gordon for keeping our conversation flowing.

Imbibing and driving is still frowned upon in these parts.

Ballard is still a vibrant mix of industrial, commercial, and residential; making a stroll along the main drag an adventure in itself.

And people are still enthused about a certain anachronistic prophet.

Dear Seattle,

You are the apple of our collective eyeballs.
Thanks for having us back.

Nellie + Gavin


Carol said...

This may be one of my favorite posts!

Ned said...

Which "anachronistic prophet" are you referring to: Obama or Jesus? I'm glad you are having so much fun in Seattle but sad that we will miss you there, Nellie.