Sunday, October 16, 2011

Disappearing and Reappearing (Once Again)

While blogging has been an important outlet,  it has recently been relegated to a back burner as new jobs consumed hours and our lives got busier.  Sometimes you just need to live and not have to worry about writing about it later.  This particular bit of cyberspace has been dwelling in the back of my mind as we go through life, it has not been entirely forgotten! In fact, a recent purchase in the household will hopefully rejuvenate our sapped creativity and keep it interesting. 

Here, I present a sunny afternoon in the zoo.  Notice anything different?

 No, it isn't that Gavin has got even hairier (although he has!).

We finally upgraded from our old point-and-shoot camera to the real deal: the Nikon D3100.  Oh, what a joy it is to capture the world around you from such a splendid device!  Hope to see you around here a little more frequently and thanks for your patience with our sporadic posting schedule.

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