Monday, August 22, 2011

Art Project: Your Neighborhood

My 5-year-old students had a project this past week: to recreate their neighborhood with cut-out buildings, crayons, and glue.  Surprisingly, they took the task quite seriously and we spent three lessons diligently working on their creations and constructing them with focused glee.

When I whipped out the camera to take photos of their work, they were ecstatic to share what they had done.  They raced into a desultory queue and proudly posed with their masterpieces, their miniature chests swollen with pride.

A nice depiction of the traffic below, except motorbikes are conspicuously absent.

This is Ho Chi Minh City from the eyes of the wee ones.


Katrina said...

Hardly any of them have drawn motorbikes! Is that weird? Looks like a fun project.

Carol said...

I find these delightful. Such detail. What a great project. Bikes would be hard to draw so maybe that is why them left them out. They all look like happy campers!

Nellie said...

Glad you like it, it was a lot of fun working on the project with my students!